The Internet is a just a bunch of tubes, right?

GET. POST. CURL! APIs are the glue that bind apps, commerce, the IoT, and well… everything these days. Build your own API and connect an app, dataset, or service to the rest of the world.

What to build:

A new RESTful API. (Yep, that’s it. Go nuts!)

Can I submit something I've already built?

Sure, but you must add something new for this hackathon.

Does it have to work IRL?

YES! Mockups and slideshows are boring. Show us something we can use. It doesn't have to be in the app store or open source, but we do have to be able to test it.

What's in it for me?

Our sponsor Apiary is giving away a stainless steel Apple Watch and there are lots of other Summer Jam prizes to win!

I want to participate, but I don't know where / how to start. Halp!

No problemo. We've compiled a list of data sources, libraries, examples, tutorials, and ideas just for you.

How can I find a teammate?

Head over to the participants page and reach out to a fellow hacker.

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  • You must create and submit a new RESTful API that we can curl.
  • You must provide access to and testing instructions for your submission.
  • Use any language, framework, library you want.
  • If you’re submitting an existing app / project, you must include a description of what you’ve added for this hackathon.
  • No malicious code — pls don't hack the gibson!


Davita Strong

Davita Strong
Head of Community at Apiary

Jon Gottfried

Jon Gottfried
Co-Founder of Major League Hacking

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of Idea
    Includes creativity and originality
  • Implementation of Idea
    Includes how well the idea was executed by the developer
  • Potential Impact
    Includes the potential impact on users